Dry Skin

Dry skin (xerosis) can be an acquired or congenital condition. Most people at some stage in their lives can experience skin dryness. The degree of skin dryness can be different from mild to very severe, which leads to skin breakdown and infection. Dry skin often looks dull, lax and lines and wrinkles may even look more prominent. Multiple internal and external factors may contribute to this condition. Generally, as people age their skins become drier and less oily. This is largely due to increased transepidermal water loss from the thinned epidermal skin layer. The use of some cosmetics like alcohol containing toners, harsh soaps and frequent bathing in very hot water with bath salts and fragranced bubble baths may also contribute to skin dryness. Xerosis is also more frequent in people that are not consuming enough amounts of water daily and those that are regularly exposed to an air conditioned environment. Dry skin condition can also be seasonal, especially in South Africa where humidity levels in winter are very low.

We recommend the following treatments for improving skin hydration levels:


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