Stretch Marks

Stretch marks (striae distensae) are a common cosmetic condition associated with stretching of the skin. They are usually caused by excessive and rapid weight gain (e.g. in pregnant women, body builders, etc). Stretch marks manifest as atrophic linear bands of the skin. Initially, they appear as purple or pink linear marks (initial stage called striae rubra) that fade over time into paler white (striae alba) marks. The exact pathogenesis of striae distensae is unknown however, histological finding suggest that quantitative and qualitative changes in the skins elastic and fibrillin fibres takes place.

There is no complete cure for stretch marks; however some improvement in the appearance of these unsightly marks can be achieved. The degree of improvement in the appearance (length and width) of stretch marks is greater when they are treated at an early stage (striae rubra). Although, there is no specific treatment for stretch marks, research studies show that methods like resurfacing (e.g. microdermabrasion, chemical peels) and/or laser and light therapies that promote collagen and elastin synthesis through the wound healing mechanism can improve the striae. Amongst treatments that we offer at Radiance for You the following can be useful for treating stretch marks:

It is important to book an initial consultation appointment to assess the stretch marks and choose the most appropriate treatment or combination of treatments for each individual.

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