As we age naturally our skins also manifest signs of intrinsic ageing. Some people’s skins however, look more aged then they should for their chronological age. This is largely due to the influence of extrinsic (external) factors, which can promote premature skin ageing. Those factors include sun damage and an unhealthy life style (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, etc).

Excessive sun exposure and smoking have the highest negative impact on the skin due to the formation of free radicals. Free radicals represent especially reactive atoms or group of atoms that have one or more unpaired electrons and are capable of independent existence. Free radicals of oxygen are composed of oxygen with an unpaired electron (also known as reactive oxygen species -ROS) and are created by UV exposure, smoking, stress, pollution and normal metabolic processes. ROS cause premature ageing of the skin by inducing changes in gene expression pathways that lead to degradation of collagen and accumulation of amorphous elastin (photo damaged elastin fibres). Excessive exposure to UV radiation from the sun also promotes direct damage of collagen in the skin by dramatically up regulating collagen- degrading enzymes. Rough, dry skin with hyperpigmentation and wrinkling is characteristic of photo-aged skin. Severe photo damage can also be a precursor to skin cancer.

Unlike the skin on the face, the neck, décolleté and the back of the hands are often neglected as far as routine home care and aesthetic anti-ageing procedures are concerned. However, these areas can be a big “age give away” if not taken care of in time. Most aesthetic procedures that are usually performed on the face are also effective for treating the skin on the neck, décolleté and hands. At Radiance for You medical aesthetics we can assist with the following treatments:

Some of these procedures can be combined to obtained best results. Treatment programmes are usually tailor made for each client based on her/his individual indications.

To treat ageing skin on the neck the following procedures are recommended:

  • For reduction of excessive fat and simultaneous skin tightening on the “double chin” area VelaShape treatments are highly effective. Skin tightening effect of VelaShape assists in preventing the formation of excessive loose skin (the so called “turkey neck”) when subcutaneous fat tissue gets reduced.
  • The loss of volume and skin laxity on the back of the hands is successfully treated with Injectable fillers and/or Mesotherapy (often with prior Microdermabrasion or Chemical peels).

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