Lip Ageing

Lips are the most sensual part of our faces because they are an important tactile sensory organ.

The skin of the lip has three to five cellular layers and is very thin compared to typical face skin, which has up to16 layers. Because of this, the lips start ageing early and this is a complex process.

The lips age in two ways:

  1. Chronodermy – this is natural ageing
  2. Heliodermy – this is ageing caused by sun damage and other external factors.

The signs of ageing lips are:

  • Perioral lines – vertical lines
  • Loss of lip volume – usually the lips get thinner
  • Loss of vermillion (white to red lip) definition;
  • Bone atrophy which lessens the teeth-bone support;
  • Abnormal ratio of upper to lower lip;
  • Appearance of marionette lines – the lines that appear on the sides of the lips



For treatment of aged lips we offer Dermal fillers. See more on Injectable Fillers. Another option to prevent or treat perioral wrinkles is Laser therapy, particularly Diode laser WRA, Matrix IR Fractional.



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