Laser Hair Removal

  • Radiance for You clinic uses the e-Max aesthetic system – the third generation medical device that combines optical (laser) and electrical (radio frequency) energies. The combined laser (Diode laser 810 nm) and radio frequency energies (RF) allow treating successfully the broadest spectrum of hair colours, skin textures, and skin tones. eMax treatments are FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) approved.
  • The combined energies (electrical and optical) allow using significantly lower light energies compared to other systems on the market and thus provide superior safety (extremely low risk for blistering or burning, even on darker skin tones). The use of radio frequency compensates for lower light energies and provides maximum efficacy of the treatments. Therefore, the safety is not compromised for the efficacy.
  • The eMax aesthetic system empowers us to meet patient demand for non-invasive aesthetic improvements with minimal or no down time (i.e. no side effects and recovery time).
eMax – the complete aesthetic system

eMax – the complete aesthetic system


About Laser Hair Removal using combined optical and radio frequency technology

The eMax aesthetic system provides the next generation of safe and effective hair removal technology. What sets the eMax apart from conventional optical (i.e. light or laser) only laser systems is that it is safe and highly effective in the removal of even minimally-pigmented hair colours (including blond, grey and white) and all skin tones, including tanned skin. These advances in the performance of the eMax laser are due to a unique combination of two energies – laser (Diode laser 810 nm) and radio frequency (RF). Unlike laser, which is absorbed by melanin in hair and skin, the function of RF is independent of colour (“RF is colour blind”).

The eMax laser systems first preheat the target hair follicle using optical (laser) energy, which creates a thermal path along which the radio frequency (RF) travels. This ensures that RF is delivered directly to the hair follicle, which can-not conduct RF further to the surrounding tissue. This creates the build-up of current density and therefore overheating of the hair follicle (the so-called RF vortex heating). Under 80X microscopic magnification, distinct peri-follicular coagulation or bleaching is evident. The hair follicle is terminally denatured and permanently eliminated.

Permanent hair reduction using eMax platform is successful for both women and men from the age of 18 years. Facial and body hair can be treated.


How many laser hair removal treatments do I need?

Most people achieve satisfactory reduction in hair growth after 6 to 8 treatments, which are usually performed every 1 to 2 months. Touch-up sessions to remove the odd few “stray” hairs may be performed as required.


What happens after each laser hair removal treatment?

Temporary pinkness on the skin lasts a very short time and most people return to work or normal activities immediately after treatment. The treated area will “shed” some hairs over the next 3 to 4 weeks and there may be a short period of irregular hairlessness in the area until the conclusion of treatments.



In general, laser and light therapies are contraindicated in concurrent severe medical conditions like:

  • cancer
  • cardiac disorders
  • pacemaker or defibrillator
  • impaired immune system (HIV/AIDS, lupus)
  • epilepsy
  • eczema and psoriasis

Laser and light therapies are contraindicated during pregnancy and nursing.







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Innovative Facials

The clinic offers a variety of the latest as well as already established medical aesthetics treatments for different skin conditions and anti-aging. Based on the latest studies we often combine these treatments with laser/light and radiofrequency therapy for enhanced and long term results. Radiance for You offers a state of the art third generation of laser/light and radio frequency combined, non-invasive treatments.